About Hopeful Ways

Who We Are

HopefulWaysAirportHopeful Ways is an ALL-VOLUNTEER 501c3 non-profit providing humanitarian and medical services and educational opportunities to the poor in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti. We do this with great love and a sincere desire to improve the quality of life for the impoverished.

HopefulWaysChapelThe organization was formally founded during the group’s second eye care mission project to Nicaragua in 2012 and. The warm, friendly and welcoming people captured our hearts, and we were impelled to continue the missions. Hopeful Ways was incorporated and granted 501c3 status in 2014.

HopefulWaysOutdoorsThe primary project initiatives have revolved around providing free eye care services to the needy. Other initiatives include Hearing Health, Educational Opportunities and Eye Protection / Eye Injury Prevention



How it started

Ann Marie Zon, from Western New York, founded the Nicaraguan Mission along with two Nicaraguan priests, Fr. Alfonso and Fr. Leonel.

Their tireless dedication to serve the Nicaraguan people for the past 30 years, along with the generous donations from Western New York, has allowed the Mission to greatly improve the lives of the most needy people in this country.

In addition to providing the basics of food, clothing, and shelter for the people, the Mission supports schools, orphanages and the construction of village infrastructure, such as drilling wells for drinking water.

This work can continue with your support.

Why Nicaragua?

  • Second Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere
    • 65% Unemployment
    • No Social Programs such as Medicare or Medicaid or Welfare
    • Mostly Cottage Industry & Home Based Businesses
  • People are hard-working and friendly
    • Mainly Rural – Agriculture and Ranching
    • High Illiteracy Rate
    • Spotty Medical Care
  • Extensive Need for Eye Care
    • Eyeglass can Equal 6 Months Wages