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Optician Joe Shiah improves a young man’s vision, and his life, with new prescription eyeglasses in Juigalpa Nicaragua.
Ophthalmologist Dr Norah Lincoff examines patient in Juigalpa Nicaragua. This woman developed severe cataracts while in her 30’s and received free sight-restoring cataract surgery through the Hopeful Ways “Gift of Sight” program, which partners with the Nicaragua non-profit eye surgery clinic FONIPRECE.

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Greatest Need
Donations will be allocated to satisfy the greatest needs of the poor.

“Gift of Sight” Eye Surgeries
Supports eyeglass distribution to improve vision impairment and eye surgeries to restore sight for those who otherwise have no access to these services.

Eye Care Mission Projects
Purchase of goods and services to support an Eye Care Mission Project, or to provide support for specific team member(s).

Housing Projects
Purchase of goods and services to build basic housing that provides shelter for a needy family living in substandard conditions.

Humanitarian Aid
Short-term support for basic needs (food, shelter, medical care) of the neediest people after a crisis, such as a natural disaster (hurricane, flood, mudslide, etc.).

Educational Opportunities
Provides support to individuals and institutions that create educational opportunities providing a long-term positive impact to the lives of the poor.

Other Initiatives
To fulfill special requests received to assist the neediest people.