Eyeglass Distribution

Hopeful Ways Brings Hope


HopfulWaysJim_DoctorThe Nicaraguan Mission Travelers have been generously supported by the Lions Clubs Int’l with eyeglass donations and the loan of eye examination equipment.



HopefulWaysExamMachineThe Travelers worked through the Nicaragua Mission Project to coordinate bringing these eye care services to the most needy people.



HopefulWaysMan2The first eyeglass distribution program was in 2011, and the response was overwhelming.  So many people have poor or failing eyesight and no means to correct it.



HopefulWaysWallSignHopeful Ways has delivered free eye care services to the poor in the communities surrounding Rivas, Camoapa, Juigalpa, Teustepe and Nandaime. Services include eye exams, prescription and reading eyeglasses, safety glasses, sunglasses, eye medications and eye surgeries, mostly to restored sight for people inflicted with severe cataracts.